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Darren Hayes is the lead singer and songwriter of duo Savage Garden, and a solo recording artist. Australian born Darren Hayes has held a career spanning two decades, selling over 30 million albums globally. He has achieved two U.S Billboard number one singles. He holds the distinction of having written the longest running A.C hit in the chart's history with ballad 'Truly Madly Deeply’ at 123 weeks on the chart.

This was the Unofficial Darren Hayes - Savage Garden Fan site, just one of many such sites.
Content is from the site's archived pages.
The official Darren Hayes website can be found at http://darrenhayes.com


"Real life is Labradors and tap water and , you know, undies on the line. - Darren Hayes"

"I didn't forget the words, it was the sound! - Darren Hayes, London 7/7/00"

"I would let my child do whatever made their heart sing. - Darren Hayes"

"Want to suggest a Darren Hayes quote to appear here? 

"If you think I have a great voice and body, you'll be shocked as hell seeing and hearing me in the shower. - Darren Hayes"

"Faith is believing things when common sense tells you not to. - Darren Hayes"

"Destiny is not a matter of chance, it's a matter of choice. It is not a thing to be waited for,it is a thing to be achieved. - Darren Hayes"

"Do you like my gold-pants? - Darren Hayes"

"It's better than sex, it's better than chocolate, in fact my job is better than my life! - Darren Hayes"

"I believe the sun should never set upon an arguement - Darren Hayes"

"Never argue with an idiot, they'll only drag you down to their level and beat you with experience  - Darren Hayes"

"The feeling when you walk into a room you see someone and theres magic and theres a spark and youre thinking 'let this be the one, let this be the one' and you'll do anything not to f*ck it up - Darren Hayes"
 "Forgive your parents..they didn't intentionally mean to screw you up...they screwed you up because their parents screwed them up!...Watch oprah..Do yoga..Drink carrot juice...Hehe....Don't worry about the size of your gut...Do stuff for you..Don't conform too much..do you enjoy chocolate?..I enjoy chocolate..eat it..just don't eat too much of it  - Darren Hayes"

"My passport's a slut, it's been with everyone  - Darren Hayes"

"I just asked Daniel to say something and, characteristically, he refused  - Darren Hayes"

"The thing is...on stage...in the music...I give you 150% of my soul...my heart....my energy. I can not give any more than this. There would nothing left.  - Darren Hayes"

"Remember, tripple x means three times as good  - Darren Hayes"

"I'm a naughty boy I shouldn't have done that  - Darren Hayes"

More News...

6th July 2004 - Pre-Order Darren Hayes 'Popular' From Soundworld!

The release date in Australia for Darren Hayes' forthcoming single 'Popular' is August 23th. Soundworld accept orders from anywhere in the world. Sales will count toward the Australian charts so if you buy imports please get yours from here. I can recommend them personally as I've used them a number of times.


6th July 2004 - Watch Party In The Park On TV

If you can't attend Capital Fm's Party In The Park on Sunday and you live in the Uk why not sit down in the comfort of your own home and watch being broadcast live on Channel 5 from 11.30am
6th July 2004 - Uk Darren Hayes Press Release

Please visit our forum here to read the UK Press Release For Darren Hayes' return with 'The Tension And The Spark'
4th July 2004 - Almighty Records 'Popular' Remix

Almighty Records have posted a news item on their website confirming the remix of Darren Hayes' forthcoming single 'Popular'.
4th July 2004 - Savage Garden Get An Almighty Update

More news taken from the Almighty website!

"Almighty have recently remixed 2 classic Savage Garden tracks, 'To The Moon And Back' and 'Affirmation'. Both have been reworked and updated with a classic house style mix on 'To The Moon And Back', as well as 2 totally uplifting pop/trance versions of the same song and with the gorgeous Savage Garden classic 'Affirmation'. These mixes are to be mailed to DJs early next week. You can, however, order this very limited CD single yourself, through the Almighty Solar Site.

4th July 2004 - Buy A Darren Bear And Give Money To Charity

Everytime you buy a Darren bear from here10% of the cost goes to the National Autistic Society.


Latest News

Congratulations to Darren and everyone involved in the production and creation of 'The Time Machine Tour' on DVD. The DVD has become the UK's NUMBER ONE SELLING MUSIC DVD this week. What a fantastic achievement for an independent artist with no advertising or support from radio over the last year. CONGRATULATIONS DARREN!
If you are a member of the official Darren Hayes fanclub "Delicacy' you should log onto the site now and check out the latest members blog from Darren.  Not a member? 
Read a recent interview with Darren from chicagopride.com in our forum HERE where Darren talks about the NUMBER ONE UK MUSIC DVD 'The Time Machine Tour"
Check out the latest news from Darrens official website and myspace letting everyone know that The Time Machine Tour DVD is set to debut at NUMBER ONE on the UK DVD Music Chart this week.  CONGRATULATIONS DARREN!!  To see the news in full by click on read more.
Check out another great review of the Time Machine Tour DVD in the Australian media.
If you missed out on seeing Darren's interview on Loose Women on 22nd July in the UK then don't worry, you can download the interview HERE or check it out on Youtube (click on Read More to see the Video on Youtube).  Thanks to Janie for the download.
Undercover.com have become one of a long list of reviews praising Darren Hayes' Time Machine Tour DVD which is currently sitting at Number One in the UK Music DVD midweek charts.
Gaywired.com has a fantastic interview with Darren Hayes talking about The Time Machine Tour DVD, artistc freedom, coming out and much more!! Click on read more to check out the interview in full or visit our forum HERE




Recording artist Darren Hayes is playing one final round of intimate club dates in the UK for 2008 before he leaves these shores for a national tour of the U.S and then a well deserved break.

These dates will be his last in support of his groundbreaking double album 'This Delicate Thing We've Made' and his final shows in Europe for the foreseeable future.

After selling out the Royal Albert Hall during his national UK tour in September 2007 Hayes had a chance to put on the big pop show he'd always wanted to present. The shows were lavish, spectacular and theatrical. But they left him with a need to reconnect with smaller audiences
and explore the bounds of material left over on the other side of his double album. Hence 'The Side 2 Tour'.

'The Side 2 Tour' will be a stripped back and experimental look at music from his new record as well as some dusted off and reinvented old favorites. Playing to tiny houses and with limited dates, the shows promise to be a unique experience for anyone lucky enough to get tickets.

The show will run nationally throughout the UK and a limited number of European cities in February before making its way to the U.S in March. When the tour wraps, Hayes will have played live in support of his current album for well over 12 months.

This is a unique opportunity to catch one of this generations best kept secrets before he heads into a hiatus. Find out why Time Out New York describes him live as 'A natural.. gliding around the stage with the
silkiest of falsetto voices.. Revelatory and cool at last.. A dance
pop fiend!'.



Sunday February 3, Bar Academy Islington, London
Monday February 4, Bar Academy Islington, London
Wednesday February 6, Studio (Formerly The Late Room), Manchester

Thursday February 7, Studio (Formerly The Late Room), Manchester
Monday February 11, Thekla, Bristol
Friday February 15, Barfly, Brighton -
Sunday February 17, Bar Academy, Birmingham -

Monday February 18, Bar Academy, Birmingham
Sunday February 24, Academy Islington, London -


Thursday Februrary 21, Amsterdam-Marcanti, Amsterdam -